Zero Waste

A to Z of Zero Waste – Overview

For the second half of 2019, I will be sharing my A to Z of zero waste, trying to show you all the ways you can reduce your waste.

This page will serve as an overview where you can find all the posts for each topic. It will be updated weekly with links to each of the 26 article, as they are posted, in case you miss one.

If you're new to the concept of zero waste, check out this article.

My hope is that this series will not make you feel overwhelmed or criticised. It's to show that zero waste living is more than just avoiding plastic, and that everyone can probably try something on the list.


A - Achievable? Is a zero waste lifestyle even possible?

B - Bring your own. How bringing your own can overcome the waste of convenience.

C - Composting. How can we use our organic material waste to help our planet?

D - Do It Yourself. Why a DIY mindset if your best tool for a zero waste life.

E - Energy. How we can approach energy as part of a zero waste life.

F - Food Waste. How can we reduce the third of food that is wasted annually?

G - Governments and Policy change. How can we help shape a society where we can be truly zero waste?


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